The Scroll of Fate: The Third Historical Fiction Book

Book Three

Shamar, the Shomer, and Gabriel, armed with artifacts from the Temple of Solomon, must travel together to the assigned arena to do battle.
They are quick to understand that this might be their final battle. As each approaches the arena, they feel within each cell of their body the powerful strength and terror emitted by the Prince of Darkness.

In their previous adventures, Eli and Mariah Daniels searched desperately for their daughter, Sophia, who had been captured by the forces of evil. Eli and Mariah face a similar predicament when they are seized by a shadowy group intent on ushering in a new apocalypse.

Although they manage to elude their captors, they aren’t out of danger. Mariah is deathly ill, and Eli can’t bear the thought of continuing the mission without his beloved wife.

Nevertheless, as Mariah and Eli recover in Denver, their daughter and her companions forge ahead. If they don’t stop the Prince of Darkness, he could destroy the world. He's told his agents to stop at nothing to regain control.

As Sophia works with her friends to dodge both government agents and Lucifer’s demons, their quest has them traveling back in time to ancient Egypt. If modern Alexandria is unstable, ancient Alexandria is even more dangerous. Civil unrest and religious zealots have made visiting the city’s past a perilous risk—but they know the key to stopping Lucifer and saving humanity lies in the ancient library in which it all began.