Continue the Adventure With the Second Book

Book Two

The adventure continues as Gabriel, Addison, Eli, Mariah, Sophia, and Shamar travel through time, seeking the artifacts stolen from the Temple of Solomon. What they learn is that the artifacts they seek were unearthed and hidden by Alexander the Great.

The Scroll of Knowledge, the second book in the Thirteenth Stone of Aaron series, is an exciting, action-packed work of historical fiction that delves into unanswered mysteries of Alexander the Great and Theon, the last keeper of the Great Library of Alexandria.

In The Thirteenth Stone of Aaron, they vowed to carry on the work of Rabbi Katz—uncovering the secret locations of ancient artifacts and helping good triumph over Evil. But now for Eli and Mariah Daniels, the stakes are higher than ever. Their only daughter Sophia has been taken hostage at a compound in rural New York by Sago, a human agent of the Demon who seeks to destroy them.

If they hope to save their daughter's life, Eli and Mariah must embark on another journey into the ancient city of Alexandria, with the help of allies Addison, Shamar, and Gabriel. There, they will use clues to track down several artifacts, including a powerful and mysterious scroll—hidden by Aristotle himself after the death of Alexander the Great.

As Sago does everything in his power to put an end to their quest, the party also faces the destructive actions of religious zealots who threaten to destroy the Library of Alexandria as well as several other key cities. The second book in a trilogy The Scroll of Knowledge continues to weave together an ancient mystery that once again pits good against Evil in an epic battle of wits—setting a thrilling adventure against a backdrop of historical places and facts.